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Wordmark Logos

Take a look at the commonest of logos like those of Google, FedEx, TATA, Coca-Cola, CNN etc, and you would find the best examples of Wordmark logos. In simplest terms, a wordmark logo design is a standard graphical representation of the name of the company, product, organization or the founder of the institution. It has the ability to popularize and personify the name of the brand which makes a top-of-the-mind influence.

You would notice that most renowned and global organizations use wordmark logos for their brand recognition and identity-creation purposes. However, you should consider certain aspects before choosing a wordmark logo.

Make sure that the name used for the logo is unique and distinct and not a household name. A wordmark logo is best chosen when the various subsidiaries and products need to be brought together under one big brand name of a parent company. Selecting a wordmark logo also facilitates the brand/name recognition of your company and especially when the communication fund is restricted.

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Order your logo at $99