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100% Money Back

We guarantee that you will be happy with the logo we design for you. There is no risk on your part. If you are not satisfied in the design process, just tell us why and we will correct the problem or return your money.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 0% Risk Offer
We provide you a unique offer that assures 100% Money Back Guarantee. Moreover if you want, you can ask us for unlimited revisions in your designs. If you are not satisfied in the design process, just tell us why and we will correct the problem or return your money. Order your designs now as we are all-set to make you 100% satisfied!
Fast Turnaround Time
With us you don't make a compromise, either on time or quality. We take pride in being a design company that offers fastest turnaround time. First draft within 48 hours. What else would you want?
Unlimited Concepts & Revisions
A concept is a basic design idea. With unlimited concepts, you are sure to find one that everyone likes. Once you have chosen your concept you get unlimited revisions on color, font, and other imagery. Each revision will be delivered on time to meet your review sessions. So with unlimited concepts and unlimited revisions, you'll be able to accommodate everyone's feedback - no matter how frequent it is.
Multiple Designers per project
The design team at THE LOGO designs comprises of experienced, professional and classically trained designers, illustrators, painters, and visualizers. Their skills and talent is what it takes to create best quality designs for you. We appoint 2-3 designers per project.
Affordable Price
When you place an order at THE LOGO designs, do so with confidence that you are getting original and customized designs at an amazingly affordable price. No one else can offer you the perfect combination of quality and affordability like us.
Unique Designs
No customer is a number. Every customer is unique, and every client's business needs are unique. Our logo design team ensures that every customer has a 100% unique, eye-catching professional image crafted according to the clients' wishes.
No Cliparts Used
Unlike some others, logos at THE LOGO designs are 100% tailor made. We never use cliparts or library files to make your logo. Our experts make your logo which is 100% original and as unique as you.