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We guarantee that you will be happy with the logo we design for you. There is no risk on your part. If you are not satisfied in the design process, just tell us why and we will correct the problem or return your money.
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Icon Based Logos

The quality of our logo design services competes hard to produce a unique logo for your website or business. We, as a logo design company, have been serving our clients for around 12 years now and have a rock solid understanding of what is required to develop the best logo for you at the most competitive price, and within a stipulated time frame. The basic function of an icon based logo is to communicate and represent the image, personality and idea of your business through a graphical image or symbol. In some cases it can be associated with the tangible products or services provided by the company. But in other case, the logo may also convey the brand value of the company. 

The selection of the certain type of logo depends upon various factors like your business type, industry, kinds of products, services or ideas, your brand value and the stage of your development. Basically an icon based logo design go with organizations which aim at making a visually strong impact on the memory of the onlooker.

An icon based logo makes more visual impact on the mind of the consumers and the fact can be exemplified by the brands like Nike, Apple, Mercedez-Benz, Audi, Starbucks and so on. A distinct and creative icon logo goes a long way in popularizing a brand name and in creating a top-of-the-mind brand impression.

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Order your logo at $99